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Above, historical artwork which appears on the stamp.
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The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission's mission is to provide fishing and boating opportunities through the protection and management of Pennsylvania's aquatic resources. To help accomplish this mission, the Commission has introduced a new Waterways Conservation Program for the new millenium. It gives conservation-minded individuals an opportunity to contribute to the agency's resource stewardship activities. Every $5 donation will be recognized with a Waterways Conservation Stamp as a thank-you gift. Through your generosity and support, we will be able to ensure the conservation of Pennsylvania's aquatic resources for future generations.

Program funding will also come from the sale of promotional and commemorative items (see pages 53-54 of July/August PA Angler and Boater magazine), and corporate sponsorships. Funds raised as part of the Conserve 2000 effort will be deposited in a restricted use account, and will be targeted to aquatic resource protection, habitat restoration and enhancement, species protection and restoration, pollution assessment and abatement, and recreational access improvement.

For more information, call 1-800-355-7645.

Pennsylvania Waters...our resource ...our responsibility your choice...


Above, Waterways Conservation Stamp
Click on this image if you wish to view a larger image with more detail.

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