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by Jon Farley

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A "watershed" is a group of waterways whose water ultimately ends up in the same place. When rain falls to the ground in Pennsylvania, it drains into one of six major watershed systems. Pennsylvania's six major watersheds include Lake Erie, the Ohio River, the Susquehanna River, the Genesee River, the Potomac River, and the Delaware River.

PA watershed map

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Although trout get the most attention from anglers this time of year, the warming temperatures also heat up the panfish action. Trout fishermen looking for a change of pace should head to the nearest farm pond. You don't need to switch tackle when going after summertime panfish. Bluegills and pumpkinseeds are often more eager to take trout lures and baits than trout!

A large plastic or rubber dish tub or laundry basket is a good item to keep in your vehicle during fishing season. It can be used to hold wet hip boots, waders or wading shoes, as well as any other gear soaked and muddied after a long day on the stream. By doing this, you can keep your vehicle cleaner, drier, and more organized.

Those who use different spools on their favorite fly reel know how easy it is to lose track of which line is which. Many lines come with stickers to put on the spool to help make the ID, but they eventually comes off and leave a sticky film on the inside of the spool. An excellent way to make a clean, permanent mark on your spool is to use a metal etcher. Engrave the weight and type of line on the inside of the spool. Even though it's permanent, most anglers don't change the line once it's on the spool anyway, and if it is changed, the old marking can simply be crossed out.

Although most anglers associate smallmouth bass with rivers in Pennsylvania, these hard-fighting fish can also be found in many impoundments. When targeting them while ice fishing, look for shorelines with steep slopes and rock faces. The water below will probably have similar cover, which is ideal for bronzebacks.

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