Pocket first Aid Kit

Many stores have ready-to-use first aid kits for sale. But you can make one for less money. Listed below are things you should carry in your pocket first aid kit. You can buy these items at most drug stores.

  • 1 zipper-locking freezer bag (heavy plastic), one-quart size. 
  • 6 adhesive bandages, different sizes­buy waterproof or stretch kind. 
  • 2 fingertip bandages. 
  • Alcohol wipes. 
  • Antibiotic ointment. 
  • 4" x 4" gauze pads. 
  • 1" rolled gauze. 
  • qInsect bite ointment or cream. 
  • Tweezers. 
  • First aid tape. 

The items in this kit will treat most simple cuts and scrapes.

 First aid kit

Hurt girl

Listed below are some other important first aid tips.

1. Learn first aid and CPR. This training can save a life. Call your local Red Cross chapter for more information. The number is in your telephone book in the blue pages.

2. Always fish or boat with a buddy.

3. Let adults know where you will be and when.

4. Know how to call for help. In some places you can call 911. If the number is different for where you are fishing or boating, write it down.

5. Know when to call for help. Call when the person isn't awake; has broken bones; has pain that doesn't go away; has a head, neck, or back injury; has bleeding that won't stop; or if the person is not breathing.

6. Play it safe. A visit to the hospital is not a fun way to end a day on the water.


This article isn't a substitute for first aid training. These ideas are intended only to give you some simple tips to remember when on the water.

illustration-Ted Walke

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