Casting Cans

You don't need an expensive rod and reel to go fishing.

All you need is a soda pop can with the tab still on, 20 feet of fishing line,

and two washers to make your very own casting can-and the start of a lot of fun!



1. Bend the tab up and tie the fishing line to it.

2. Wrap the line around the can.

3. Tie sinker or washers to line.

4. Casting can is now complete.




Hold the can so the tab is pointing away from you. Hold the washer with one finger. Swing your arm back and release the washers on the way forward. You can also try a side-arm cast, just as you would use with a fishing rod. The line should shoot off the can!

For fun, try to cast at a target. An empty box works great. Start close, because it takes some practice to get it right. As you get better, move farther away. You can even use this instead of a fishing rod. Instead of the washer, tie on a hook and bobber. 

illustration-Ted Walke

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PLAY Summer 1999

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