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Acid Deposition

Some Fish Species Fail "Acid Test" in State Streams. Karl Blankenship. Jul/Aug 98, page 48.


American Shad, Shad Fishing

Fine-Tuning Your Shad Fishing. Vic Attardo. May/Jun 97, page 30.

Starting with Shad. Vic Attardo. May/Jun 98, page 50.


Amphibians, Reptiles

Birth of a Ringneck. Andrew L. Shiels. Jul/Aug 98, page 9.

Bog Turtles. Karl Blankenship. Jan/Feb 98, page 16.

Bog Turtles­Slipping Away. Andrew L. Shiels. Sep/Oct 98, page 23.

Some Pennsylvania Streams Are a Hellbender's Heaven. Karl Blankenship. Sep/Oct 97, page 18.

Northern Copperhead, The. Andrew L. Shiels. Jan/Feb 98, page 33.

Snakes in Basements and Buildings. Andrew L. Shiels and Kelly L. Bryan. May/Jun 98, page 31.

Volunteers Search for Herps. Karl Blankenship. Mar/Apr 97, page 8.


Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Meet the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Fred Rice. Jul/Aug 98, page 64.


Bass, Largemouth, Smallmouth

Bass Fishing from the Shoreline. Mike Bleech. Sep/Oct 97, page 42.

Fishing the Susquehanna and Juniata River Ledges. Vic Attardo. Sep/Oct 98, page 10.

Live Baits and Their Imitations for Catching Smallmouths. Vic Attardo. Sep/Oct 97, page 14.

Northwest PA's Untapped Smallmouth Waters. Robert L. Petri. Jul/Aug 97, page 6.

Pinchot Lake Largemouths. Seth Cassell. Jul/Aug 97, page 20.

Seasonal-Swing Smallmouths. Nov/Dec 97, page 9.

Southeast PA's Little Big Bass. Vic Attardo. Jul/Aug 97, page 27.

Spring's First Largemouth. Darl Black. Mar/Apr 97, page 10.

Spring Fling at Erie. Darl Black. Mar/Apr 98, page 24.

Weather-Wise Bass. Vic Attardo. Jan/Feb 98, page 29.


Blue Marsh Lake

Improving Blue Marsh Lake's Habitat. Roger Mallon. Nov/Dec 97, page 38.



$19.95 Small-Boat Cover, The. Gary Diamond. Jul/Aug 97, page 64.

Boat Control is the Ticket to Angling Success. Darl Black. Jan/Feb 97, page 26.

Boating's Cutting Edge: Award-Winning New Products. Chris Janson. Jan/Feb 98, page 38.

Buying Smart. Cliff Jacobson. Mar/Apr 97, page 43.

Canoeing in Shallows. Cliff Jacobson. May/Jun 98, page 33.

Canoeing with Children and Pets. Cliff Jacobson. Sep/Oct 98, page 38.

Car-top Your Canoe! Cliff Jacobson. Jul/Aug 97, page 34.

Checklist for Motorboat Legal Requirements. WCO William C. Carey and DWCO J.K. Carey. Jul/Aug 98, page 27.

Choose the Right Depthfinder for PA Waters. Bob Stearns. Nov/Dec 97, page 20.

Clothes for Casual Canoeing. Cliff Jacobson. Mar/Apr 98, page 37.

Do-Everything Ice Chest, The. Bob Stearns. Jul/Aug 97, page 50.

Do's and Don'ts for Crowded Launch Ramps. Sep/Oct 97, page 45.

Evolution of Pennsylvania Boating: Then, Now and the Future, The. John Simmons. May/Jun 97, page 38.

Fishing and Canoeing Alone. Cliff Jacobson. Jan/Feb 97, page 24.

Fun to the Extreme! John W. McGonigle. May/Jun 97, page 40.

Get Ready for Rain! Cliff Jacobson. Nov/Dec 97, page 22.

Hazards on the Water. Jul/Aug 97, page 23.

Horsepower: How Much Do You Really Need? Bob Stearns. Jan/Feb 97, page 48.

How to Repair Your Aluminum Boat. Bob Stearns. Sep/Oct 97, page 50.

Leasing and Alternative Boat Ownership. Alex Zidock, Jr. Nov/Dec 98, page 36.

New Inflatable PFDs, The. Seth Cassell. May/Jun 97. page 10.

Plight of Pennsylvania Watercraft, The. Alex Zidock, Jr. Jul/Aug 98, page 38.

Propellers: One Size Doesn't Fit All. Alex Zidock, Jr. Sep/Oct 98, page 42.

Reading a River. Cliff Jacobson. Jan/Feb 98, page 22.

Recap of 1996 Pennsylvania Fatal Boating Accidents. Dan Martin. May/Jun 97, page 50.

Recap of 1997 Pennsylvania Fatal Boating Accidents. Dan Martin. May/Jun 98, page 46.

Shakedown Cruise. Sam Everett. Nov/Dec 97, page 25.

Should You Insure Your Boat? Linda Steiner, Nov/Dec 98, page 45.

Small Outboards: Puttering Cleanly into the 21st Century. Bob Ballantyne. May/Jun 97, page 37.

Spring Boat Maintenance­Fitting Out Alex Zidock, Jr. Mar/Apr 98, page 44.

Spring Outboard Motor Maintenance. Alex Zidock, Jr. May/Jun 98, page 36.

Three Boating Knots with a Hitch. Cliff Jacobson. Sep/Oct 97, page 38.

Transforming that Plain-Jane Boat. Jeff Knapp. Nov/Dec 98, page 38.

Ways to Save Fuel. Bob Stearns. Mar/Apr 97, page 58.

Winterize Your Small Boat. Art Michaels. Jan/Feb 97, page 44.


Brook Trout

How Fares Our State Fish? Robert L. Petri. Nov/Dec 97, page 30.


Catfish, Catfishing

City Catfishing at Night. Seth Cassell. Sep/Oct 97, page 46.


Casting Lines with Dave Wolf

Connections. May/Jun 98, page 49.

Introductions. Sep/Oct 98, page 34.

Is it Kiss and Tell? Mar/Apr 97, page 41.

Keeping it Fun. Jan/Feb 97, page 32.

Large Trout. Mar/Apr 98, page 51.

Looking Back on the Season. Jan/Feb 98, page 37.

Old Man and His Minnow Bucket, The. Sep/Oct 97, page 37.

Shared Waters. Jul/Aug 98, page 37.

Special Regulations. Jul/Aug 97, page 39.

Those Other Fish. Nov/Dec 98, page 31.

Trophy Musky, The. Nov/Dec 97, page 60.

Trout, The. May/Jun 97, page 61.


Clarion River

Wild and Scenic Clarion River, The. Mike Sajna. May/Jun 97, page 17.


Crappies, Crappie Fishing

Calicoes in the Mountains. Vic Attardo. July/Aug 98, page 14.

Mastering the Crappie Jig. Darl Black. Sep/Oct 98, page 29.


Delaware River

Delaware River in Pennsylvania, The. Mar/Apr 98, page 49.

Protecting River Banks is Everyone's Responsibility. Malcolm Ross, Jr. May/Jun 98, page 39.


Falling Spring Branch

Success Story: Falling Spring and its Greenway. Dianna C. Heim. Sep/Oct 97, page 10.


Fish, Fishing

Biking and Fishing. Bob Quarteroni. Jul/Aug 97, page 9.

Close Look at Catch-and-Release, A. Mike Bleech. Mar/Apr 98, page 12.

Collecting Natural Baits. Oliver Shapiro. Sep/Oct 97, page 60.

Crankbait Crazy. Darl Black. Jul/Aug 97, page 54.

Fishing on Easy Street. Sam Everett. Jan/Feb 98, page 51.

Hair Rig for Leger Fishing. Darl Black. Jul/Aug 98, page 10.

Holding Your Mouth Right. Jim Mize. Jan/Feb 97, page 63.

Hour from Pittsburgh, An. Robert L. Petri. Jul/Aug 98, page 20.

Life Jackets and Wading. Dan Martin. Sep/Oct 97, page 64.

Mastering the Casting Reel. Darl Black. Jan/Feb 98, page 56.

Mud, Flood and Fish. Linda Steiner. Jan/Feb 97, page 17.

My Fly Rod Answer to Floating Bass Plugs. Art Michaels. Jul/Aug 98, page 51.

Pennsylvania's Dynamic Darters. Andrew L. Shiels. Jan/Feb 97, page 33.

Shenango Connection, The. Darl Black. May/Jun 98, page 10.

Spartan Fishing. C.J. Rapp. Jul/Aug 97, page 60.

Spinning into Control. Darl Black. Nov/Dec 98, page 18.


Fishin' from the Kitchen

Baked Walleye with Mushrooms and Red Pepper Sauce. Wayne Phillips. Nov/Dec 97, page 62.

Catfish in Mushroom Cream Sauce. Phil Hanyok. Sep/Oct 97, page 48.

Fish in Almond Sauce. Susan Kane. Jul/Aug 98, page 62.

Oriental Steamed Walleye. Wayne Phillips. Nov/Dec 98, page 62.

Panfish with Pecan Butter. Wayne Phillips. Jan/Feb 98, page 62.

Rainbow Trout-Stuffed Tomato Cups. Wayne Phillips. Sep/Oct 98, page 62.

Shore-Lunch Fish Sandwich. Wayne Phillips. Mar/Apr 98, page 62.

Smokin' Trout. George Curtis. May/Jun 97, page 60.

Steam-Broiled Bass with Brown-Sugar Sauce and Pineapple. Richard Combs. Jul/Aug 97, page 48.

Stir-Fried Fish. Susan Kane. May/Jun 98, page 62.


"Fishing & Boating Memories Last a Lifetime" Contest Winning Entries

Autumn Fishing Reflections. Charles W. Slaw. Sep/Oct 98, page 31.

Catch of the Day. Frank Brown. Nov/Dec 97, page 15.

First Day of Trout Season. Michael Rock. Mar/Apr 98, page 22.

First Trout. Joseph M. Haney. May/Jun 98, page 30.

Fishing with Grandpa. Jonathan Philip Gahman. Jan/Feb 98, page 15.

Fishing with My Dad. Tom Walton. Sep/Oct 98, page 31.

Ice Fishing Trip to Remember Always. Caleb Jardel. Jan/Feb 98, page 15.

Last Frog, The. Hal (Sonny) Boyer. Nov/Dec 97, page 12.

Memories of Dad. William C. Ragosta. Nov/Dec 97, page 14.

Quiet Place, The (with poem "French Creek"). Lou Fix. Nov/Dec 98, page 35.

Sore Head. Toby Jones. Nov/Dec 97, page 13.

Testimonial to a Father, Fisherman, and Friend. Ronald J. Olescyski. Mar/Apr 98, page 22.


Fishing Stories

Gift, The. Dana Eugene Troese. Jul/Aug 98, page 24.

Guide Service. Joel Vance. Mar/Apr 97, page 14.

Pennsylvania Fishing and Boating Memories Last a Lifetime. Dan Tredinnick. Jan/Feb 97, page 50.

Remembering. Joel Vance. Jan/Feb 97, page 29.

Santa Claus. WCO Gregory Jacobs. Nov/Dec 98, page 58.

Those Wretched Snell Flies. Ken Hassler. May/Jun 98, page 48.


Flies, Fly Tying

Emergent Tup's Indispensable, The. Chauncy K. Lively. Sep/Oct 97, page 24.

Foam-Bodied Robber Fly, A. Chauncy K. Lively. Jan/Feb 98, page 46.

Generic Emerger, A. Chauncy K. Lively. Mar/Apr 98, page 46.

George Harvey: Dean of American Fly-Fishing. Walt Young. Mar/Apr 97, page 52.

Hair Spider, The. Chauncy K. Lively. May/Jun 98, page 20.

If I Had Only Four Dry Flies. Charles R. Meck. Jan/Feb 97, page 22.

Japanese Beetle, The. Walt Young. Jul/Aug 98, page 18.

My Five Favorite Wet Flies. Charles R. Meck. Nov/Dec 98, page 32.

Parachute Light Cahill, A. Chauncy K. Lively. Jan/Feb 97, page 54.

Pseudocloeon Dun, A. Chauncy K. Lively. May/Jun 97, page 20.

Tri-Point Green Drake, The. Chauncy K. Lively. Nov/Dec 97, page 54.

Turkey Biot Nymph, A. Chauncy K. Lively. Mar/Apr 97, page 30.

Urban Hatches. Charles R. Meck. Jul/Aug 98, page 42.

Variations on a Trude Theme. Chauncy K. Lively. Sep/Oct 98, page 18.


French Creek

Making Friends for French Creek. Linda Steiner. Jul/Aug 97, page 36.


Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing at Memorial Lake. Seth Cassell. Jan/Feb 98, page 12.


Lake Erie

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania's Great Lake. Nov/Dec 98, page 41.


Little Toby Creek Watershed

Fishing the Little Toby Watershed. Robert L. Petri. May/Jun 97, page 41.



Mayflies. Karl Blankenship. Nov/Dec 97, page 48.



Making of a Musky Angler, The. Mike Bleech. Jan/Feb 98, page 42.

Pennsylvania Musky Record, The. Bob Frye. Sep/Oct 98, page 20.



Mussels. Karl Blankenship. Jan/Feb 97, page 46.


Nescopeck Creek

Nescopeck: Round Two. Julie Lalo. Jan/Feb 97, page 10.


Panfish, Panfishing

Autumn Blues. Darl Black. Sep/Oct 97, page 20.

Chill Out with Early Season Crappies. Vic Attardo. Mar/Apr 97, page 46.

Last-Chance Crappies. Darl Black. Nov/Dec 97, page 57.

Rockin' Rockies. Darl Black. May/Jun 97, page 46.

Serious Sunfishing. Mike Bleech. Mar/Apr 97, page 20.


Partnerships (Theme article series in 1998)

Deputy Waterways Conservation Officers. DWCO David Eichler. Jul/Aug 98, page 6.

Groups Lending a Helping Hand. Mark Demko. Nov/Dec 98, page 6.

Habitat Improvement. Dave Houser. Jan/Feb 98, page 8.

Landowners, Sportsmen, and the Commission. Linda Steiner. Sep/Oct 98, page 6.

Teaming Up to Teach. Rich Wood. May/Jun 98, page 6.

Volunteers and the Cooperative Nursery Program. Cecil Houser. Mar/Apr 98, page 6.


Penns Creek

Penns Creek. Walt Young. May/Jun 98, page 42.


Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

1987-1997: 10 Years of "Resource First." Dan Tredinnick. May/Jun 97, page 16.

1997 Expanded Trout Fishing Opportunities. Tom Greene. Mar/Apr 97, page 62.

1997 Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule. Special insert. Mar/Apr 97.

1998 Expanded Trout Fishing Opportunities. Tom Greene. Mar/Apr 98, page 23.

1998 Inseason Trout Stocking Schedule. Mar/Apr 98, page 29.

1998 Seasons, Sizes and Creel Limits. Special poster insert. Sep/Oct 97.

1999 Season, Sizes and Creel Limits. Sep/Oct 98, page 32.

1998 Trout Stamp and Print Competition, The. Sep/Oct 97, page 34.

American Shad Go Wild in the Susquehanna. Mar/Apr 98, page 55.

American Shad in the Lehigh River: Results of the Commission Efforts in 1996. Richard Snyder and David Arnold. Jul/Aug 97, page 31.

Angler Award Program. Mar/Apr 98, page 59.

Angler Award Program. Sep/Oct 98, page 37.

Angling for More Women Anglers. Linda Steiner. May/Jun 97, page 22.

Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1995-96. Mar/Apr 97, page 33.

Are Our Fishing and Boating Regulations Too Complex? Tom Ford. Jul/Aug 97, page 57.

Big Bass Regs on the Lower Allegheny River. Mike Sajna. Mar/Apr 97, page 50.

Big Spring's "Big Blue." Art Michaels. Sep/Oct 97, page 63.

Buffers Build Better Streams. Karl Blankenship. Nov/Dec 98, page 52.

Cleanup...The Circle of Caring Rolls Back to Their Youth. Terry Brady. Nov/Dec 97, page 6.

Commission Internships: An Insider's View. Jennifer Lamb. May/Jun 97, page 33.

Commission Update: Public Comment Sought on Mandatory PWC Education. Mar/Apr 98, page 28.

Consultation and Grant Program for Fish Passage and Habitat Restoration. Sep/Oct 97, page 35.

Deputy Waterways Conservation Officers of the Year. Jeff Bridi. Jul/Aug 97, page 12.

Electrofishing and Managing Pennsylvania's Trout. Robert Weber. Nov/Dec 97, page 17.

Endangered Species and the PFBC. Linda Steiner. Nov/Dec 97, page 40.

Getting Opening Day Trout to You. Linda Steiner. Mar/Apr 97, page 16.

Great Trough Creek Gathering, The. Richard A. Snyder. Sep/Oct 98, page 30.

Index to PA&B Volumes 66 & 67. Nov/Dec 98, page 47.

Ins and Outs of Trout Stocking, The. WCO Lee Creyer. Jan/Feb 98, page 48.

Linesville Fish Culture Station. Mar/Apr 97, page 23.

Marsh Creek Lake's Spawning Structure Project. Terry Brady. Nov/Dec 98, page 24.

Meet Me at the Fair. Jay Osman. Nov/Dec 98, page 20.

National Highway Bill Advances Boating and Fishing Programs. Sep/Oct 98, page 29.

New Bass Fishing Season Regulations Proposed. Mar/Apr 98, page 64.

Paradise Found. Dan Tredinnick. Mar/Apr 97, page 54.

Pennsylvania Angler and Boater Survey Results. Tom Ford. May/Jun 97, page 12.

Pennsylvania's Boat Titling Frequently Asked Questions. Andrew Mutch. May/Jun 97, page 29.

PFBC Annual Report Executive Summary. Jan/Feb 98, page 41.

PFBC Annual Report Financial Statement. Mar/Apr 98, page 57.

PFBC Commemorative Products. Mar/Apr 97, page 32.

PFBC Exhibits '97. Nov/Dec 97, page 37.

"Susquehanna," Pride of the Fish Commission. Jay Osman and Tim Klinger. Sep/Oct 98, page 35.

Susquehanna Fish Lifts and the Returning Shad. Scott Carney. May/Jun 97, page 34.

Susquehanna River Trail, The. Tom Ford. Jan/Feb 98, page 45.

Where Have All The Anglers Gone? Tom Ford. Sep/Oct 97, page 54.


Personality Pieces

Bob Davis: The Angler's Most Loyal Subscriber? Terry Brady. May/Jun 97, page 49.

Landowner's Story, A. Terry Brady. Mar/Apr 98, page 20.

Robert V. Peese: 38 Years of TLC for Trout. Terry Brady. Jul/Aug 98, page 46.

Stanley R. Long: 50 Years a Deputy. Terry Brady. Jul/Aug 97, page 45.


PLAY Newsletter

Fall 1997 issue, Nov/Dec 97, special insert (Special Edition, Threatened and Endangered Species. Going, Going, Gone: The Blue Pike; Vocabulary List; How Do Species Become Threatened or Extinct, What Does the Fish and Boat Commission Do to Protect Threatened and Endangered Species; On a Future Path; Endangered and Threatened Species Locations; Word Search; Bogged Down; Shortnose Sturgeon).

Fall 1998 issue, Sep/Oct 98, pages 45-52 (Crawling, Swimming, and Wiggling Under the Surface; Collecting Critters; Wetlands: Why Do Fish Need Them; Back to the Sea; Tool Box; Cold Water Safety; Carmen Fishiego).

Spring 1997 issue, May/Jun 97, special insert (How Do Fish Find Their Way Home, Tacklebox, The Great White Fleet, Stocking Maze, Carmen Fishiego, Helping Herps, Wading Safely, Bait the Hook).

Spring 1998 issue, May/Jun 98, special insert (Five Minutes to Go, Springtime Dangers, The Real Food Challenge, Tool Box, Carmen Fishiego, Name that Turtle, Trout Days, Frog and Toad Metamorphosis).

Summer 1997 issue, Jul/Aug 97, special insert (Fishways, Kids' Cast and Caught, Stoneflies, Canoeing­Kid's Style, People Science, Why Do We Have Special Regulations, Carmen Fishiego, What Kind of Fish is This).

Summer 1998 issue, Jul/Aug 98, pages 29-36 (Night Callers, Birth of a Snake, Tool Box, Choosing a Life Jacket, Acid Rain, Floaters and Fishermen, Carmen Fishiego).

Winter 1997 issue, Jan/Feb 97, special insert (Cold Water Survival, Kids' Cast and Caught, Picture Quiz, The Effects of Flood and Mud on Fish, Highlights on Hybrid Fishes, Carmen Fishiego, Pennsylvania's Freshwater Filters, The County Quiz).

Winter 1998 issue, Jan/Feb 98, special insert (Where Do They Go in Winter, Secret Code for Ice Safety, Under the Ice, Getting Started: Ice Fishing, Ice Rescue, Carmen Fishiego, Perch: My Favorite Winter Fish, Ice Fishing Buddies, Ice Jigs).


Pollution Abatement

Cleaning Up Dirty Roads. Karl Blankenship. Sep/Oct 98, page 58.

Restoring Trout Water. Mike Sajna. Sep/Oct 98, page 14.


Protect · Conserve · Enhance by Executive Director Peter A. Colangelo

An Idea Whose Time Has Come. Jul/Aug 98, page 2.

Celebrating a Milestone. Jul/Aug 97, page 2.

Commission Successes. Nov/Dec 97, page 2.

Enhancing Fishing and Boating in Pennsylvania: Strategies for the 21st Century. Sep/Oct 98, page 2.

Funding Capital Projects. May/Jun 98, page 2.

Good News, Bad News on the Economic Front. Mar/Apr 98, page 2.

Open Invitation to Youth: Come Start Your Lifetime of Fishing Memories, An. May/Jun 97, page 2.

Partners: Building Blocks for the Future. Nov/Dec 98, page 2.

Partnerships. Jan/Feb 98, page 2.

Pennsylvania Fishing and Boating Memories Last a Lifetime. Jan/Feb 97, page 2.

Question of Limits, A. Mar/Apr 97, page 2.

Waterways Conservation Officers and Law Enforcement. Sep/Oct 97, page 2.


SMART Angler's Notebook by Carl Richardson

Are You a SMART Angler? May/Jun 98, page 32.

Critter Collectors. Sep/Oct 97, page 23.

Diadromy. May/Jun 97, page 48.

Dragons and Damsels. Jul/Aug 98, page 45.

Fish Colors. Nov/Dec 97, page 51.

From Egg to Creel: Recipe for a Walleye. Jan/Feb 98, page 40.

How to Rig a Minnow. Mar/Apr 97, page 27.

Ice Awls. Jan/Feb 97, page 53.

Panfish on the Fly. Jul/Aug 97, page 22.

Phytoplankton. Sep/Oct 98, page 53.

Zooplankton. Nov/Dec 98, page 51.



Steelhead on Ice. Robert L. Petri. Jan/Feb 98, page 18.



Stoneflies. Karl Blankenship. Jul/Aug 97, page 18.


Striped Bass

Pittsburgh's Hybrid Stripers. Mike Sajna. Jan/Feb 97, page 6.

Striper Comeback on the Delaware, The. Mark Demko. Mar/Apr 98, page 60.

Stripers for Pennsylvania. WCO Alan D. Robinson. May/Jun 98, page 64.



Key to the Sturgeon Comeback. Karl Blankenship. May/Jun 98, page 14.

Pennsylvania Caviar. Joe Carricato. Sep/Oct 97, page 58.


Trout, Trout Fishing

13 Do's and Don'ts for Early Season Trout Fishing. Walt Young. May/Jun 97, page 51.

33 Summertime Places to Catch Stocked Trout. Mark A. Nale. Jul/Aug 97, page 14.

Aggressive Ice Fishing for Trout. Mike Bleech. Jan/Feb 97, page 40.

Catching Big Trout in Small Streams. Robert L. Petri. May/Jun 98, page 22.

Choosing an Opening Day Stream. Robert L. Petri. Mar/Apr 97, page 28.

Coldwater Heritage Partnerships Program, The. Robert L. Petri. Jan/Feb 97, page 37.

Falling Leaves, Rising Trout. Charles R. Meck. Sep/Oct 98, page 27.

Great Trout Fishing Near Pittsburgh. Robert L. Petri. Sep/Oct 97, page 6.

Go Deep for Opening Day. Charles R. Meck. Mar/Apr 97, page 6.

Lehigh Valley Trout Streams. Vic Attardo. Nov/Dec 97, page 26.

Lucky Seven Streams for a Southeast Opening Day. Vic Attardo. Mar/Apr 98, page 8.

Matching the Mood. Dave Wonderlich. Jul/Aug 97, page 58.

Northwest PA's Delayed-Harvest Opportunities. Robert L. Petri. Mar/Apr 98, page 40.

Pennsylvania's Overlooked Trout Streams. Charles R. Meck. May/Jun 97, page 26.

Picturesque Trout Streams of Pennsylvania. Charles R. Meck. Nov/Dec 97, page 33.

Radiant Energy Trout. Vic Attardo. Jan/Feb 97, page 13.

Should We Fish for Trout During the Spawn? Mark A. Nale. Nov/Dec 97, page 46.

Trout Fishing an Hour from Harrisburg. Robert L. Petri. Nov/Dec 98, page 10.

Trout Identification. May/Jun 97, page 64.

Trout Streams Along Interstate 80. Charles R. Meck. Jan/Feb 98, page 26.

Turnpike Trout. Charles R. Meck. May/Jun 98, page 26.

What to Expect from Late-Fall Trout. Vic Attardo. Nov/Dec 98, page 15.

Whirling Disease. Linda Steiner. Mar/Apr 98, page 16.


Walleyes, Walleye Fishing

Feeding Trough Walleyes: Summertime's Hot River Pattern. Mike Bleech. Jul/Aug 97, page 42.

Lighter Side of Walleye Fishing, The. Mike Bleech. Nov/Dec 98, page 28.

Rebirth of the Allegheny Reservoir Walleye Fishery. Mike Bleech. May/Jun 98, page 16.

Serious Walleye Angler's Tacklebox, A. Mike Bleech. May/Jun 97, page 6.



Purple Loosestrife. Jul/Aug 98, page 52.

Six Ways to the Sea. Linda Steiner. Sep/Oct 97, page 26.


Wild Resource Conservation Fund

Wild Resource Conservation Fund, The. Karl Blankenship. Mar/Apr 97, page 13.


"Writing Readers"

Best Catch of All, The. Jim Croyle. Sep/Oct 97, page 31.

Different Methods for Catching Trout. Michael W. Lassick, Jr. Mar/Apr 98, page 48.

Fishing Trip, The. Agnes Coyne Wiedmann. Nov/Dec 97, page 56.

Goin' Fishin'. Edwin Ziegler. Sep/Oct 98, page 17.

Hooked. Bob Klobuchar. Jul/Aug 97, page 33.

Musky Madness. Toby Jones. Nov/Dec 98, page 27.

Pennsylvania's Wild Brown Trout. Richard Brett. May/Jun 98, page 59.

Rainbow Hole, The: A Father's Gift Revisited. Richard J. Noll. May/Jun 97, page 62.

Remembering Quakake Creek. Eugene J. Dougherty. Jul/Aug 98, page 26.

Walleyes and the Moon Phase. Ken W. Dufalla. Jan/Feb 98, page 32.

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