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Bob Einodshofer shows the magnificent steelhead he caught last winter in Walnut Creek. Commission partnerships play a large role in creating great fishing like this. There are the groups that raise and stock steelhead, the interns who assist our biologists, our deputies who work with the WCOs, and the other groups and individuals who help the Commission in everything from maintaining accesses to teaching safe boating classes. For a closer look at Commission partnerships with groups, please read the article "Partnerships: Groups Lending a Helping Hand by Mark Demko." The cover photograph was taken by Joe Workosky.

November/December 1998 Table of Contents 

Protect Conserve Enhance by Peter A. Colangelo

Partnerships: Groups Lending a Helping Hand by Mark Demko

Trout Fishing an Hour from Harrisburg by Robert L. Petri

What to Expect from Late-Fall Trout by Vic Attardo

Meet Me at the Fair by Jay Osman

Marsh Creek Lake's Spawning Structure Project by Terry Brady

Writing Readers by Toby Jones

The Lighter Side of Walleye Fishing by Mike Bleech

Casting Lines with Dave Wolf

My Five Favorite Wet Flies by Charles R. Meck

"Memories Last a Lifetime" Contest Winning Entries

Leasing and Alternative Boat Ownership by Alex Zidock, Jr.

Transforming That Plain-Jane Boat by Jeff Knapp

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania's Great Lake

Should You Insure Your Boat? by Linda Steiner

Index to Pennsylvania Angler & Boater Volumes 66 & 67

SMART Angler's Notebook by Carl Richardson

Buffers Build Better Streams by Karl Blankenship

Notes from the Streams

Santa Claus by WCO Gregory Jacobs

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