Bird's eye view of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The Fisheries Building can be seen in the upper right.

Entrance arch

ScrollThe entrance arch of the Fish Commission's 1893 exihibit. Constructed of oak panels, it displayed photographs of the Commission's hatcheries and various fish. In the center, models of the Commission's hatcheries at Allentown, Corry, and Erie can be seen in part. Live plants including mosses, reeds, and rushes were used throughout the exhibit.


The waterfall (above) in front of the "grotto" of aquariums fed a pond that contained various species of trout. The light for the aquariums was provided by natural means. William Meehan (below, standing) and Alonso Brady are at the entrance of the "grotto." Twisted and gnarled laurel roots, used for the ceiling, can be seen. The fish in the aquariums were kept alive by constently changing filtered water from Lake Michigan.



Fish display

The Fish Commission's banner and some of the 20 aquariums used in the live fish display. The aquariums were surrounded with the rough outer growth of young cork trees. The cork bark in itself attracted a lot of attention.

World's fairs are about progress, exhibits that show where we are and where we're going. It is literally the entire world getting together and comparing notes. Here are a few of the "facts and firsts" of the Columbian Exposition:


Pennsylvania State Building


Fisheries Building


Pennsylvania exhibitors won 74 Grand Prize Medals, 187 Gold Medals, 135 Silver Medals, and 106 Bronze Medals.




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