Morning Memories by Christopher Leeper "Memories" by Susan Bankey Yoder Dad & I and My First Fly by Paul Fenwick 2003 trout stamp contest

A painting by Christopher Leeper of Canfield, Ohio, was selected as the winner of the 2003 Pennsylvania Trout/Salmon Stamp Art Competition. The painting, "Morning Memories" depicts a father and son walking to their favorite fishing spot on a path along a stream on a spring morning.

Judges Evaluating Paintings in the 1st RoundSecond place honors went to a painting "Memories" by Susan Bankey Yoder of Atglen, Pennsylvania. Yoder's painting shows fishing memorabilia and vintage fishing equipment. The painting includes items from the artist's fishing memories including the 1975 fishing license buttons. A painting called "Dad & I & My First Fly" by Paul R. Fenwick of Hillsborough, New Jersey placed third in the competition.

The 2003 competition was held at the Fish and Boat Commission's Harrisburg Headquarters on May 8, 2002. According to Tim Klinger, who coordinates the competition for the Commission, "this year's contest was one of the closest ever." At the end of the second round of judging, there was a tie for first place between the paintings of Christopher Leeper and Susan Bankey Yoder and a tie for third place between the Paul Fenwick piece and a painting of a "Wild Brookie and Fontinalis Fin Wet Fly" by Mark Susinno of Harrisburg. A third round of judging broke the ties and established the winners.

Eight judges, including Commission President Leon Reed, evaluated 38 paintings in the first round of the competition. Eight finalists were selected after the first round, judges then ranked the finalists in order of their preferences.

Paintings 4 - 8
4th "Wild Brookie & Fontinalis Fin Wet Fly"

Mark Susinno
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Wild Brookie & Fontinalis Fin Wet Fly" - click for larger image
5th "First Trout"

Christopher Leeper
Canfield, Ohio

"First Trout" - click for larger image
6th "Practice"

Kevin J McDonald
Nazareth, Pennsylvania

"Practice" - click for larger image
7th "Bridging the Gap"

Patrick R Sharbaugh
Spring Mills, Pennsylvania

"Bridging the Gap" - click for larger image
8th "Father & Son
(Matching the Hatch)"

Vaughn Stadtmiller
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Father & Son (Matching the Hatch)" - click for larger image

This was the 2nd time a Christopher Leeper painting was chosen for the trout/salmon stamp. His depiction of a fly angler on Neshannock Creek was picked as the winner of the 1997 trout/salmon stamp competition.

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