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Map highlighting counties in the Southeast RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Andrew Desko (, Southeast Region Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – April 17, 2015
Lancaster County

On Wednesday, April 15, the Conowingo Creek and Fishing Creek received an in-season planting of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

Significant sections of the Conowingo Creek were float-stocked as per below:

Conowingo Creek – Downstream from Swift Road/Pilgrims Pathway Bridge Downstream of 2108 Robert Fulton Hwy. to bridge

* Goat Hill Road Bridge:  This section of the Conowingo Creek was not float-stocked due to lack of volunteers.

Anglers should be increasingly aware and appreciate that the County’s Approved Trout Waters are essentially stocked by a dedicated core group of individuals and the high school stocking teams that have been coordinated.  Anglers are encouraged to take an active role in assisting with the 7 stocking events remaining this season.

*Anglers are advised to be conscientious as to where they are parking on the premises of Flahart Transport at 752 Nottingham Road, Peach Bottom and be mindful that the premises is an active trucking business. Parking is acceptable along the lawn border; however, do not park in the truck yard. Remember to respect the land and the landowners.

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Fishing and Boating Report – April 15, 2015
N. Chester County

Marsh Creek Lake: The warm weather over the past week has fish biting on just about everything. Blue gills and crappies are taking mealworms and wax worms, minnows and small jigs.

Bass are beginning to show signs of life after the unusually cold winter and taking jigs, crank and jerk baits. The best rubber worm colors to use are black, purple, dark green and pumpkin seed. The best live baits are crayfish, minnows and night crawlers.

French Creek, Pickering Creek, East Brandywine Creek and West Valley Creeks are all low and clear with decent flows and have been fishing well. Water temps have been hovering in the mid-40s to low 50s. Bait anglers are catching trout with minnows and small wax or mealworms. Fly anglers have reported taking trout on black caddis, stoneflies, and midges. Small pheasant tail and hares ears nymphs are also producing good results for the fly anglers. Remember that you may never have bait in your possession in any of the Special Regulation Areas. The French Creek Fly Fishing Area is catch & release only and you may not possess fish in the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only areas until June 15.

S. Chester County

The West Branch of the Brandywine Creek Section 3 was just stocked last week. The stocking points were the Drive at Freedom Circle at 40-00'56.2" North and 75-50'09.1" West, the Hatfield Road Bridge at 40-00'54.4" North and 75-50'38.3" West , Rim Trail RR Bed Stop #1 at 40-01'02.3" North and 75-50'42.3" West, Rim Trail RR Bed Stop #2 at 40-01'13.4" North and 75-50'49.3" West, RIM TRAIL BRIDGE at 40-01'18.6" North and 75-50'50.5" West, below the Wagontown Road Bridge at 40-01'19.0" North and 75-50'50.5" West, above Wagontown Road Bridge at 40-01'19.8" North and 75-50'51.6" West, park side RR bed trail (gators used to stock) at 40-01'19.7" North and 75-50'50.4" West, The Wall at 40-01'32.0" North and 75-50'39.5" West, the old dam and picnic area above old dam (fish stocked both directions on gators) at 40-01'41.2" North and 75-50'17.9" West, and downstream of the Cedar Knoll Bridge. Thanks to everyone that took the time to come out to help and to Forest Campbell for coordinating the stocking.

The Beaver Creek Section 2, from SR 30 to the mouth has been stocked with trout. The stocking locations for the Beaver Creek Section 2, are behind the Animal Clinic of Thorndale at 40-00'20.9" North and 75-44'43.9" West, King Street and West Pennsylvania Avenue at 40-00'40.1" North and 75-43'32.4" West, The Lloyd Avenue Bridge at 40-00'12.1" North and 75-43'28.8" West, G O Carlson Blvd. at 40-00'12.3" North and 75-44'15.1" West, Lloyd Avenue Park at 40-00'17.6 North and 75-43'25.5 West, Saint Joseph Field at Aston Avenue and Mary Street at 40-00'18.4" North and 75-43'25.5" West.

The East Branch Octoraro Creek, Section 2, was just stocked and is a great place to fish. A little off the beaten path between Chester and Lancaster County it does not have much canopy cover, so it is a great place to fly-fish and does have some very nice wide, slow moving water, open areas and deep holes so it is a good spot to take a child with limited ability or to teach a person to fish. It is a little hard sometimes to feel a bite or to get your bait to stay down on the fast water trout streams. To get to the East Branch Octoraro Creek get on Route 41 just above Cochranville you will turn on to Center Hall Road. Follow Center Hall Road to Fording Road and turn right on Fording Road. Follow Fording Road and it will take you to the bridge at the bottom of the stocked section. Go North on Bryson Road from this point and the stream will be on your left. The upstream limit of the stocked section is Steelville Road. The stocking points are the Steelville & Schoff Road Bridge at 39-54'17.8" North and 75-59'42.8" West, Bryson Road Stop #1 at 39-53'46.6" North and 75-59'20.2" West, Bryson Road Stop #2 at 39-53'39.8" North and 75-59'13.4" West, Ross Fording Road Bridge at 39-52'57.3" North and 75-59'29.7" West. Thanks to Forest C. for coordinating the stocking and John for all the great help. Good Luck.

Schuylkill County

Locust Lake was still ice covered on the opening day of the Regional Trout Season, but it is now finally clear of ice.  Anglers were catching some trout from shore on minnows and wax worms.  The fish are still biting tentatively probably due to colder temperatures.    The lake is due to be stocked again on April 25 with Brook Trout and Brown Trout.

The Little Schuylkill River has seen a lot of angling pressure throughout the stocked areas.  Trout are still being caught on all the common baits, gold spinners, and chartreuse colored lures have worked as well.  The Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only area of the river has seen moderate pressure and has proven to be tougher as the season progresses.  As hatches of insects start to come off, expect fly-fishing to increase through this section.

The Schuylkill River is at good water level for canoes and kayaks to travel from Auburn to Port Clinton.  A few have floated this section already, just make sure you dress appropriately and wear your life jacket.

Philadelphia County

Luke Lojewski caught this beautiful trout out of the Wissahickon Creek back on the SE Mentored Youth Fishing Day, 3/28

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Fishing and Boating Report – April 8, 2015
Berks County

Mike Ward from Birdsboro, PA was wet-wading (no waders) on Hay Creek in Birdsboro on the SE regional opening day for trout. Our field staff couldn’t pass up the chance to acknowledge his dedication, considering that the temperature didn’t rise above the low 50s. He did admit the water was cold!

Chester County

Kriston with Brown Trout
While on patrol late Sunday afternoon on the West Branch Brandywine Creek, DWCO Raetsch had the opportunity to observe an awesome 10 minute battle between Kriston Miller of Downingtown, PA and this beautiful 23-inch trout.  Mr. Miller is just one of the many happy anglers that enjoyed great weather and a productive opening weekend here in Chester County. 

The boat dock at Chambers Lake is pulled out of the water each winter to prevent damage to it during the freezing weather. With the return of the warm weather, the boat dock has been returned to the water and is now available for launching and retrieving your boat. Good luck.

The West Chester Fish and Game and Wildlife Association will be stocking the Paradise Farm Pond for the Kids Trout Rodeo on April 17 and could use your help. Wear waders and have the ability to carry 35 pound buckets of fish.  The West Chester Fish and Game and Wildlife Association will host the Kids Trout Rodeo on April 18 from 8am to 2pm. The event will be held at the Paradise Farm Pond, 1300 Valley Creek Road, Downingtown, PA. 19335. Lunch will be provided for you but you must bring your own baits of choice and fishing equipment.

The Coventryville Trout Club and Warwick County Park will host an Outdoor Fest and Kids Trout Rodeo on the French Creek on May 9 from 8:15am to 2pm. The event will be held at Warwick County Park. For more information you can visit the website at  and click on the Chester County Fishing Link.

The Brandywine Trout Club will host the Brandywine Trout Club Kid’s Only Trout Rodeo at Kerr Park in Downingtown on April 18. Trout, including tiger, palominos and brooks will be stocked for the event. Participants must be 15 years and younger. There are a limited amount of tickets available. For more information, you can visit the website at

The Buck Run Section 2, the East Branch White Clay Creek Section 2 and the East Branch White Clay Creek Section 3 will be stocked with trout on Tuesday April 21st. We will meet the big white stocking truck loaded with angling fun in the lane across from the Sadsburyville Post Office at 11:30am. Come on out and spend a day fishing and giving something back to the resource.

The Big Elk Creek, Section 1, from the confluence with the East Branch & West Branch Elk Creek to T307 Camp Bonsall Road and the East Branch Big Elk, Section 2, from New London Township line to the Confluence with the West Branch Elk Creek, and the White Clay Creek, Middle Branch Section 2, will be stocked with trout on April 14. We will meet at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 896, we will be on 896 at 12pm. Help with the stocking has been really light and we can use the help. Please come out to assist us with the stocking. Thanks.

Lancaster County

On Tuesday April 7, the West Branch Octoraro Creek Section #4, Bowery Run and the Big Beaver Creek all received an in-season stocking of Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Significant sections of Big Beaver Creek were float stocked as per below:


BIG BEAVER CREEK Downstream from 20 Main St., New Providence to 1930 Beaver Valley Pike
Downstream from concrete bridge near Old Rd. & Beaver Valley Pike
Downstream from Krantz Mill Road bridge
Downstream from 92 Refton Road
Downstream from Smithville Road bridge
W. BRANCH OCTORARO CREEK – SECTION #4 Downstream from  700 Wesley Road

Anglers are encouraged to take advantage of the fishing opportunities afforded them on Big Beaver Creek.  With its headwaters located on property at 1190 May Post Office Road, Quarryville.  Big Beaver Creek flows 10.6 miles before meeting the Pequea Creek approximately 500 yards upstream from the bridge at Herrville Road.  The stocked portion of Big Beaver Creek traverses 5.34 miles with its Upper Limit at SR 222 (Beaver Valley Pike) and White Oak Road -and its lower limit at the mouth where it enters the Pequea Creek.

*Anglers are advised that the property at 15 Main Street, New Providence is posted, subsequently Big Beaver Creek was not stocked upstream of this location.

S. Montgomery County / Philadelphia County

The Stony Creek Anglers will host a trout tournament on the Stony Creek on April 25 from 8am to 4pm and April 26 from 7am to 4pm. Camping is not permitted during the tournament. The tournament will be held at the Norristown Farm Park & State Hospital grounds which you enter at gate 5 off of Stanbridge Street. For more information you can visit the website at

The SE Regional Trout Season is off to a great start. Anglers have been out in force with parking lots and side roads packed with eager anglers throughout southern Montgomery County.   Come on out and enjoy the fun in Montgomery County. Check out the PFBC website for in-season stocking dates. 

The fishing on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia at the Fairmount Dam/Water Works is still very slow. Anglers are still waiting on the Gizzard Shad and river herring to show up. American Shad are soon to follow/chase the baitfish below the Fairmount Dam/Fish Passageway. The “shorty” stripers should be arriving soon after the Gizzard Shad and herring in the tidal section of the Schuylkill River as well. Let’s Go Shad!

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Fishing and Boating Report – April 1, 2015
N. Lancaster County

The Middle Creek, Indian Run, & Little Muddy Creeks, will be stocked on Thursday, April 2. We will meet at the PGC Middle Creek Visitors Center at 11:30. Please consider coming out and lending a hand.

Lancaster County

Jordan Grunow with a Rainbow Trout
Jordan Grunow with a Rainbow Trout he caught at Owl Bridge on the Regional Mentored Youth Trout Day this past Saturday, March 28. Congrats, Jordan!


In preparation for this Saturdays  April 4th Trout Season Opener, Lancaster County’s 22 Approved Trout Waters [Streams – number not inclusive of the East Branch Octoraro Creek and Donegal Creek Special Regulation Area] and only Approved Trout Waters Open To Year-Round Fishing, Muddy Run Lake, will all have received their pre-season plant of Rainbows, Browns & Trophy Goldens.  Stocking proved a challenge again this March with harsh weather conditions and safety concerns postponing the scheduled March 3 stocking of Big Beaver and Little Beaver Creek to March 6, and yet again with the March 5 snow storm to Wednesday March 25. The first stocking of the season on March 10, saw a relatively light turn-out of volunteers, except for the always capable and enthusiastic group of Solanco High School students who actively participate on all Southern Lancaster County trout stocking events. Departing from Stewart Run and a cold, light rain on this afternoon, four individuals persisted in assisting with getting buckets of trout into the West Branch of the Little Conestoga. High water conditions and the road closure at Wesley Road, Colerain Township forced the Saturday, March 14th scheduled stocking of the West Branch Octoraro Creek to be delayed until the following Saturday, March 21.  The Friday, March 20th stocking of the Conowingo and Fishing Creeks proved to be particularly arduous with the snow and less than seasonal temperatures.  A dedicated group of 10 stocking volunteers persisted as the days last offloaded bucket of trout arced into Fishing Creek downstream of the last ford at 5:15 p.m.

Stocking truck
Southern Lancaster County Stocking Coordinator Tom Weber confers with volunteers Ron Bowman and Tom Wimer at Valley Lea Riding Club on the snowy banks of Fishing Creek during the March 20 - Rainbow (Trout) Blizzard!

Ron Bowman offloads a bucket of trout into Fishing Creek as Walt Yoder and Ray Radesky look on; three of the stalwart dedicated volunteers who persevered this day on behalf of local anglers.

Anglers seeking some relative semblance of solitude on the opener should be encouraged by the number and stretches of water that were float stocked. Efforts to float stock will continue in-season consistent with the efforts of the volunteer float stocking teams that have been coordinated.  For any concerns or criticisms of stocking endeavors, District Officer Schmidt welcomes a direct conversation in the field.

Significant sections of Lancaster County’s Approved Trout Waters were float stocked as per below:

Float Stocked Sections of Approved Trout Waters
ATW Section
Big Beaver Creek Downstream From 20 Main St. New Providence To 1930 Beaver Valley Pike-
Downstream From Concrete Bridge At Near Old Rd. & Beaver Valley Pike
Downstream From Krantz Mill Road Bridge
Downstream From 92 Refton Rd. To 66 Smithville Rd. [Walk In-Only]
Downstream From Smithville Road Bridge
Conowingo Creek Downstream From Black Bear Road Bridge
Downstream From  Swift Road Bridge
Downstream From 2108 Robert Fulton Hwy. To State Route 222 Bridge
Fishing Creek Downstream From Drumore Park
Hammer Creek Downstream From Hammer Creek Road Bridge
Downstream From Mid-Point – Section #2
Downstream From Snavely Mill Bridge
Downstream From Lincoln Road Bridge
Downstream From Carpenter Road Bridge
Downstream From Buch Mill Road Bridge
Downstream From Pine Hill Road [Near 410]
Downstream From Erbs Bridge Road – Covered Bridge
Little Beaver Creek Downstream From 302 Hilltop Road To Childrens Clinic At Bunker Hill Road
Little Chiques Creek Downstream From The Mt. Pleasant Road Bridge
Little Conestoga Creek Downstream From Miller Road
Downstream From Ppl Service Center To Flory Mill
Downstream From Above Covered Bridge  To Olive Garden
Pequea Creek Downstream From Mt. Vernon Rd. Bridge
Downstream From 5762 Buena Vista Road
Downstream From Buena Vista Road Bridge
Swarr Run Downstream From Ye Old Road [Dead End] To Gold’s Gym
W. Branch Octoraro Creek Downstream From Mt. Pleasant Road  Covered Bridge [Section #2]
Downstream From Hollow Road Bridge [Sect. #2]
Downstream From Sr 472 Bridge [Special Regulation Area]
Downstream From Puseyville/Street Rd. Intersection [Special Regulation Area]
Downstream From 700 Wesley Road [Section #4]

*Anglers are advised that the property at 15 Main Street, New Providence is posted, subsequently Big Beaver Creek was not stocked upstream of this location.

Little Beaver Creek: No Sunday Fishing
Big Beaver Creek: 1930 Beaver Valley Pike – No Sunday Fishing

Anglers are encouraged to be mindful of where they are parking so as not to create property damage or a traffic hazard; additionally to practice sound outdoor ethics and respect fellow anglers sharing the stream.  Many areas will be populated with kids fishing, please drive slowly.

ANGLERS BRUNCH:  For anglers who meet with early success and land their limit; an extended hour’s breakfast buffet is being served by the Rawlinsville Fire Departments Auxiliary, hours from 6:30 a.m. to noon at the station house at 33 Martic Heights Drive, Holtwood.  The Rawlinsville Fire Department runs one of the counties busiest river rescue crews, support this dedicated group of volunteers as you come off the stream with a full creel and invigorated appetite.

With 9 PFBC in-season stocking days remaining of 16 Approved Trout Waters is it anticipated in equal response to volunteer interest and active participation that the momentum to conduct more float stocking will continue.  Per District WCO Schmidt, “As volunteers step-up or rather wade-in to the challenge of actively participating in float stocking we will continue to stock accordingly and thereby  ultimately provide anglers a more authentic fishing experience. Anglers awaiting the arrival of the PFBC stocking truck in-season at their favorite location may instead observe a team of float stockers passing by, planting fish at random. Angling is considered a sport, and as such anglers may find that they need to work the stream banks, and put some distance between themselves and the road to garner their creel.”

Anglers are reminded to maintain a separate creel/stringer for each angler as per the regulation delineated on page 9 of the 2015 Pennsylvania Summary of Fishing Regulations and Laws.

Unlawful fishing activity can be reported to Southeast Region Law Enforcement Headquarters in Elm at 626-0228, Monday – Friday [8-4] or at all other times to the non-emergency number of Countywide Communications at 664-1180.  Inform the Dispatcher that it is a Fishing Violation and to refer it to Officer Schmidt.  Conscientious anglers are cautioned per Officer Schmidt to not engage individuals observed to be in violation, but rather to report it in real time so that an Officer can respond for follow-up law enforcement action.

S. Chester County

The Children’s Pond in Hibernia County Park was stocked on March 30 in anticipation of the opening day. Approximately 60 trout were stocked from Green Spring Trout Farm. In addition about 75 trophy trout will be purchased and tagged by the West Caln Sportsmen. All the fish were provided by the Friends of Hibernia and the Chester County Parks & Recreation Department. The area is closed to fishing until 8 AM on Saturday, April 4 and new signs which clearly explain the rules have been posted around the pond. Adults caught fishing in the pond will be cited.

The Mentored Youth program in Southern Chester County was a huge success. PFBC WCO staff encountered about 130 families in the county taking part. Many thanked Fish & Boat for such a wonderful program and despite the cold weather and muddy water almost all the families caught some very nice fish. We had no negative comments from any of the families, except about the weather and the cold. Many of the mentored youth families practiced catch and release.

W. Schuylkill / N. Berks County District

While the winter that does not want to end brought sub-freezing temperatures and snow showers to the Regional Mentored Youth Fishing Day, those who braved the weather expressed their liking for the program and had success on local streams.  For those who chose not to fight the elements this past Saturday, there is another opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity during the Statewide Mentored Youth Fishing Day on April 11.  On Mentored Youth Fishing Days, both the mentor and the youth are allowed to fish and take two trout.  This is a great opportunity to let introduce youth to fishing without the pressure usual on the opening day of trout season.

As the ice finally starts to recede on Blue Marsh Lake people are testing their boats and doing some limited boat fishing.  Boaters are reminded of the mandatory wear for all persons on all boats less than 16 feet in length and all canoes and kayaks during the cold weather period November 1 to April 30.  While it is mandatory for the smaller boats, it is also a good idea on the larger boats.  A personal flotation device can go a long way in preventing casualties due to sudden immersion in cold water.

Regional Trout Opening Day is Saturday, April 4 in the district.  All approved trout waters have been stocked and are looking good going into the final week before the opener.

The East Branch Octoraro Creek Section 2, West Branch Brandywine Creek Section 3, and Beaver Creek Section 2, are scheduled to be stocked on Wednesday April 8 at 11:30. The meeting place is the lane across from the Sadsburyville Post Office. If you have not taken a child on a trout stocking yet, put it on your ‘to do’ list and bring a camera to catch all those smiles.

There are many questions about why the back cove at Chambers Lake is closed to boating. It is a waterfowl propagation area and is closed from now until June 15 so that waterfowl may use it as a nesting area. This area is one of the more productive areas of Chambers Lake, full of stumps and vegetation that holds big bass. This works out well this year with the opening day of Bass around that same time.  The area is closed now and this regional report will post when it re-opens.

If you are a woman looking to join a Fly Fishing Club for women, there is the Delaware Valley Woman's Fly Fishing Association. The group which has membership in the entire Mid-Atlantic Region includes a newsletter, "The Woman's Angle", trips, outings, and social events for women. They are hosting a Women and Girl’s Fly Fishing Day on April 11th, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the CCF&S grounds, Jack Martin House, 713 Creek Road, Brookhaven, PA. 19015. You must register in advance. For more information or to join you can go to the website at

The Dame Juliana League will host a class on “New Patterns for Selective Trout” on March 30. Henry Ramsey will present the class and cover the flies that he ties for certain hatches and why. For more information you can go to the website at

The Dame Juliana League will host a Learn To Fly Fishing Course at the Baker Field Pavilion located at the Phoenixville YWCA, on Saturday, April 18. For more information you can go to the website at

The Orvis Store in Downingtown at 70 Quarry Rd, Downingtown Pa. 19335 will offer a free course Fly-Fishing 101 on Saturday, April 11 from 9am until 11am. The course will cover everything that the beginning fly angler will need to know to get started in fly fishing.  For more information you can call the store at 610-873-8400 or visit the website at

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