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Map highlighting counties in the Northcentral RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Union (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Amidea Daniel (, Northcentral Regional Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – February 3, 2016
NOTE: Reports below were from the past several days within the region.  Current conditions of warm temperatures and rain (up to three quarters of an inch) will impact ice safety and water levels across the region.  Cold temperatures will return to most of the region Thursday night; however, it will take a few days or more to build up ice again.

Tioga County

Beechwood Lake – This past weekend, anglers were catching Crappie and Yellow Perch using waxworms and maggots.  A few trout were also caught using fathead minnows on tipups.

Hills Creek Lake – Over the last few days, anglers were catching Bluegills and Yellow Perch using waxworms in 6-10 feet of water.  Some of the Yellow Perch measured in at 12 inches.  Evenings and mornings were the best times to be on the lake.

During mid-day hours pickerel were active.  Anglers were catching pickerel using live shiners and fatheads on tipups.

A few anglers caught Bluegills and Crappies at night using glow jigs tipped with waxworms.

Tyler Grabowski caught quite a few Crappie during a recent ice fishing trip to Hills Creek Lake
(photo by Tyler Grabowski)

Chain Pickerel
Tyler Grabowski caught this Chain Pickerel while fishing Hills Creek this past weekend. Congratulations on a nice catch Tyler!
(photo provided by angler)

“Trophy Pickerel”—Fishing is fun, no matter the size of fish being caught!  Thank you for sharing your great fishing moment Don Kelly!
(photo provided by angler)

Pickerel were being caught in all sizes this past weekend on Hills Creek Lake.  In contrast to Don Kelly’s pickerel, here is one caught by Kris Bretz over this past weekend on Hills Creek Lake.
(photo by Kris Bretz)

Hamilton Lake- Anglers have been catching Crappies, Bluegill and Yellow Perch in deeper water over the last few days.  The best locations were near the dam in 15-28 feet of water.  Chartruese, glow, yellow and pink jigs tipped with waxworms were working best.

A few trout were also being caught higher in the water column in the same areas.  Chartreuse doughbait, waxworms and fathead minnows were all working for trout.

Bass were also being caught using live shiners.

Largemouth Bass
Josh Wolf caught this nice bass when fishing Hamilton Lake recently
(photo provided by angler)

The Crappie bite was on at Hamilton Lake this past weekend!
(photo by Don Kelly)

Lycoming County

Rose Valley Lake -  Anglers were catching pickerel and Largemouth Bass.  Walleye were also being caught in the evening.

West Branch Susquehanna River – Water levels are on the rise.  Anglers are catching Yellow Perch and Crappie.

NOTE: Anglers who wish to fish the area known as “The Guts” near the Arch Street Bridge need to park on the Susquehanna State Park (North) side of the Arch Street Bridge.  The area near the old baseball field and railroad tracks is private property.  Borough Police can issue citations for those who park on the private property.

Keep an eye on West Branch Susquehanna River water levels here:

Centre County

Spring Creek – Water levels are on the rise.  It is a great time to use streamers.  Fishing streamers on this stream during and after a rain event will not disappoint!  Slumpbusters are the “go to” streamer pattern for this stream. 

Anglers are also catching trout using a variety of nymph patterns.  Patterns that are working best are beadhead walt’s worms; zebra midges; scuds; squirmy wormy.

Keep an eye on Spring Creek water levels here:

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Fishing and Boating Report – January 27, 2016
2016 Trout stocking schedules are up!  Check out your favorite trout fishing county here:

Tioga County

Hamilton, Beechwood and Hills Creek Lakes are all in good shape and should remain fishable through this week’s brief warm-up.

NOTE: There is no snow on most of the lakes, making them very slippery.  Make sure you wear your cleats!

As always, check the ice before venturing out!  Safety first!

Beechwood Lake – Ice fishing on Beechwood has been hit or miss.  A few trout are being caught using fathead minnows.  Many of the trout are holding right under the ice.

Panfish are also being caught, including a few Crappies, Yellow Perch, and Bluegills.

Hills Creek Lake -  The mid-day bite has been slow, but mornings and evenings have proven successful for Bluegills and Yellow Perch.  A few anglers are catching Bluegills and Yellow Perch into the night!

Pickerel and bass are being caught using tip-ups with medium shiners.

Ice fishing
“A mix of sun and ice and all that’s nice” – A beautiful moment captured by Cody Tasker while ice fishing at Hills Creek

One of Don Kelly’s catches from a recent ice fishing trip to Hills Creek. Great Crappie Don!
(Photo by Don Kelly)

Hamilton Lake- Over the last few days, Hamilton Lake has been the “hot spot” for most ice anglers.  The panfish have been very active throughout the day and are being caught in 15-30 feet of water.

Bluegills and Yellow Perch are holding tight to the bottom, but Crappies and trout are staying high in the column.

Anglers are catching trout just under the ice, using fathead minnows, pastebaits and doughbaits.  Chartreuse, white, and rainbow are the go-to colors.

Panfish are being caught on fathead minnows, waxworms, and maggots.  Many different jigs are working, but white, green, silver and glow colors are the most popular.

Anglers, who fish into the night, are reeling in Bullhead Catfish as well!

Josh Ditzler and Ryan Grover
Josh Ditzler and his friend Ryan Grover had a great day ice fishing on Hamilton Lake! Nice Crappie and Bluegill fellas!
(Photo provided by anglers)

Crappie, Bluegill and Yellow Perch
A great “dinner buffet” of Crappie, Bluegill and Yellow Perch reeled in from Hamilton Lake recently!
(Photo by Bill Shinn)

Fish caught from Hamilton Lake
Another sampling of good eating fish caught from Hamilton Lake
(Photo by Cody Tasker)

Centre County

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake –  Anglers, ice fishing in the beach area, are catching lots of legal Bluegills and Crappie, a few Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Channel Catfish using 1/16oz orange jigging spoons with spikes and small fatheads.  Most of the fish are being caught in 18-25 feet of water.  Some of the Crappie being caught are over 9 inches.  A few of the bass are measuring in at 15 inches.

The use of a spring bobber is necessary because many of the bites are light.  (See photo)

Spring bobber rig
Spring bobber rig
(Photo provided by Jordan Allison)

Anglers are also catching panfish at Hunter Run Cut as well!

Channel Catfish
Jordan Allison caught a Channel Catfish while ice fishing with a few buddies recently at Foster Joseph Sayers Lake
(Photo provided by Jordan Allison)

Largemouth Bass
Bring on the bass!  Chuck Barnes caught this nice Largemouth Bass while fishing with Jordan Allison on Foster Joseph Sayers Lake.
(Photo by Jordan Allison)

Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass caught by Jordan Allison on a recent ice fishing excursion on Foster Joseph Sayers Lake
(Photo by Jordan Allison)

Spring Creek – Water levels are great!  Anglers are catching trout using pink/peach egg patterns, caddis larvae patterns, and/or walts worms with or without beads.  A few anglers are catching trout using streamers, but it is a bit slower than the nymphing game right now.

Penns Creek –  Anglers are consistently catching trout right now.  The water level and color are perfect for some great days on the water.   The best time for fishing is mid-day.  Spinners and streamers are working well in slack water, near woody debris and along the banks.  The nymphing game is most productive right now.  Throwing a streamer will make for a little slower day on the water; but the trout you catch won’t disappoint you! 

Fly patterns that are working: sculpins (olive or black); hares ear; Kaufman stonefly; Beadhead prince nymph; and caddis larvae.

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Fishing and Boating Report – January 20, 2016
Tioga County

Tioga County’s ice fishing season is in full swing!  Anglers have been fishing Hills Creek, Hamilton, and Beechwood Lakes.  Over the past several days, the air temperature has stayed at or below 20F; so ice has continued to build on county lakes!

NOTE: As the ice builds on the lakes, there will be patches of unstable ice.  As always, CHECK ice thickness and safety before you head out on the ice.

Cowanesque; Hammond; Tioga Lakes – The Army Corps lakes are frozen over; but are not ready for ice fishing yet.  Another week of ice building should bump them up to “fishable” status!

Beechwood Lake – Anglers are catching trout using paste baits and live minnows under tip-ups.  Areas near the boat launches seem to be the best location to catch trout.

Panfish are being caught using small jigs, tipped with waxworms, mousies, and/or maggots.

Hills Creek Lake -  Fish are being caught in 6-12 feet of water.  Anglers are catching Yellow Perch using live minnows under tip-ups and jigging waxworms.

Bluegills are being caught using waxworms or maggots on small jigs and spoons.  Successful jig colors are white, chartreuse, silver, and gold.

A few anglers are catching fish after dark using glow jigs tipped with waxworms.

Pickerel are active and are taking live shiners and/or fathead minnows.

Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perch, and Bluegill
Kyle Stewart caught some nice Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perch, and Bluegill recently from Hills Creek Lake. Congratulations, Kyle!
(photo by Kyle Stewart)

Yellow Perch
Josh Ditzler recently caught this tasty Yellow Perch at Hills Creek Lake
(photo by Josh Ditzler)

Chain Pickerel
Kris Bretz reeled in a Chain Pickerel while ice fishing on Hills Creek Lake. Nice job, Kris!
(photo provided by Kris Bretz)

Yellow Perch caught by Josh Ditzler
Another fine Yellow Perch caught by Josh Ditzler. Congratulations, Josh!!
(photo provided by Josh Ditzler)

Hamilton Lake- Action has been slow; but anglers are catching a few panfish toward the dam using waxworms.

Lycoming County

Rose Valley Lake - There were approximately 30-40 anglers fishing the lake on Monday, January 18, 2016. 

Anglers are catching Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, and Yellow Perch using medium shiners under tip-ups in 8-13 feet of water.  One angler caught a Largemouth Bass measuring 16”! 

With cold temperatures predicted for the rest of this week, ice should continue to build.

Largemouth Bass
Jordan Allison with a nice Largemouth Bass caught recently from Rose Valley Lake
(photo provided by Jordan Allison)

Ice anglers
Ice anglers on Rose Valley Lake
(photo by Jordan Allison)

Centre County

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake – The Hunter Run Cut portion of the lake is iced over.  Anglers are catching Yellow Perch and Bluegills.

NOTE: The main lake only has a thin layer of ice covering it.  With the temperatures remaining at or below 30F the rest of the week, ice should continue to build.  As always, use caution and CHECK the ice prior to going on it.

Spring Creek – The water level and color is perfect for fishing.  Streamers, nymphs, and egg patterns are working best.  Target the banks and slack water.  When possible, try to get your fly, spoon, or bait as close to the stream bottom as you can.

Fly patterns that are working include peach and/or pink egg patterns, walt’s worms, black/brown slumpbusters, and bead head pheasant tails.

USGS Spring Creek water level at Houserville, PA :

Penns Creek – The stream is still running a bit high, is a little off color, and has a temp of about 40F.However, if you are willing to brave the cold it should fish well. 

Nymphs and streamers will work best.  Fish early to late afternoon, and get your flies as close to the bottom as you can.  If you are using streamers, get as close to the banks and structure/woody debris as you can.

Patterns that should work are Hares Ear (14-16); bead head prince nymph (8-12); Olive, brown, or black scuplin patterns (4-10).

USGS Penns Creek at Penns Creek, PA:

Clinton County

Fishing Creek – Water levels are good.  Anglers that brave the cold temperatures are catching trout using peach/pink egg patterns and pink/red worm patterns.

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