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Map highlighting counties in the Northcentral RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Union (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Amidea Daniel (, Northcentral Regional Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – September 29, 2015
SAFETY NOTE: With recent and predicted rain events, some streams and rivers may approach or surpass flood stage.  When waters rise, woody debris and items from streamside households may break loose causing danger to those downstream.

Fishing or paddling rising waterways is not recommended.  Floating debris and fallen trees can quickly become an obstacle that not even the most advanced paddlers/anglers can navigate.

Plan and research before you head out.  Use the following links to help with your planning:

USGS Water Information system (USGS Gages):

NOAA Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service:

NOAA weather:

Centre County

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake – Anglers are catching Channel Catfish using a night crawler on a gold jig head.  Yellow Perch are also being caught using worms.
Channel Catfish VIDEO: CHECK OUT minute 1:48 and 2:50 to see how aggressive Channel Catfish are while protecting their spawning area!! Channel Catfish Habitat Improvement Project at Bessemer Lake, Lawrence County (Quicktime video)

Learn about PA Fish and Boat Commission habitat projects for Channel Catfish here:

Check out more about Channel Catfish here:

Channel Catfish
Matt Truesdale, Environmental Education Specialist at Bald Eagle State Park, caught this Channel Catfish during a fishing program over the weekend. It was approximately 21 inches. Congratulations Matt!
(photo provided by Matt Truesdale)

Spring Creek - With the recent and current rain event, anglers are catching trout using streamers along the banks!  Target stream banks and woody debris with your streamer on Spring Creek during or just after rain events and you won’t be disappointed!

NOTE: During high water events, woody debris can cause great hazard for anglers wading.  Keep checking upstream if you are fishing to make sure you don’t get knocked into the water by a passing log.

Clinton County

Fishing Creek- Recent and current rain events are bringing stream levels up quickly.  This rain will “tickle-up” trout and put them on the feed!  Streamers will be your best bet along the banks and near woody debris. 

Heavier nymphs throughout the day should also work well.

NOTE: During high water events, woody debris can cause great hazard for anglers wading.  Keep checking upstream if you are fishing to make sure you don’t get knocked into the water by a passing log.

Elk County

East Branch Dam – The main boat launch is closed for this year.  Fall foliage will be near peak in another week!

Lycoming County

Pine Creek – Fall foliage will be near peak within a week!  Kayaking or canoeing is one of the best ways to enjoy the colors of fall through PA Wilds; however, with recent rain events paddles need to use EXTREME caution.  Plan ahead and DO NOT go on a waterway that is rising.  Flooding waters create many hazards to ALL paddlers including experienced ones.

Recent rain events means Pine Creek has water; however, fishing these waters is not recommended.  Anglers will have a great time fishing after the rain ends and the water levels stabilize.   

NOTE: During high water events, woody debris can cause great hazard for anglers wading.  Keep checking upstream if you are fishing to make sure you don’t get knocked into the water by a passing log.

West Branch Susquehanna River – Spinner baits were working to catch Smallmouth Bass early this week; however, with the recent and predicted rain fall amounts anglers should wait until water levels stabilize to venture back out on the water.

NOTE: During high water events, woody debris can cause great hazard for anglers wading.  Keep checking upstream if you are fishing to make sure you don’t get knocked into the water by a passing log.

Rose Valley Lake – Anglers are catching Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perch and other panfish using minnows and worms.

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Fishing and Boating Report – September 22, 2015
Centre County

Penns Creek – With the cool temperatures over the last few days, water temperatures are in the lower 60s.

Best fishing hours are early morning and early-late evening. Anglers have seen a few blue wing olives hatching. 

Nymphing has been most productive. Caddis with a stone fly tandem rig has been working well.  Wet ant/pheasant tail combinations have also been working.  A few other flies that have been working well are tan caddis, hares ear, Kaufman stone and bead head prince nymph.

NOTE: The tunnel at Poe is still closed for repairs.

Spring Creek – Nymphing is still the best technique to use throughout the day.  Target the shaded areas during high sun days.  Early morning and late evening continue to be the best times on the water.

Most hatches are done for the year; however, a few tricos can be spotted in the mornings.  Caddis and midges are still popping around dusk. 

Flies that are working best are pheasant tails, tan bird of prey caddis, olive bird of prey caddis, brown zebra midge patterns, walt’s worm and olive scud patterns.  Streamers that push water are working well when fished along the banks.  Best time for streamer fishing is early morning and early-late evening.

Clinton County

Fishing Creek –  Water levels are a little higher this week and there is a little bit of color to the water as well.

The recent rain triggered a few trout to feed and get off the bottom of the stream!  Evenings have produced the best time to catch trout on the surface.  Caddis and slate drakes are bringing trout to the top (e.g. size 14-16 tan caddis; 10-12 slate drakes; 20-22 midges).

Nymphing is still the best choice during the day.  Long leaders and light weight nymphs (e.g. bead head green weenies, pheasant tails and some stone fly).

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Fishing and Boating Report – September 15, 2015
Centre County

Spring Creek – Water flow is good and the temperatures are in the low 60s.  Anglers are catching trout using nymphs.  A few tricos are still being seen along with the occasional cahill, tan caddis and of course midges and BWOs.  Unweighted nymphs and caddis emergers are working well. 

Early morning and late evening are the best times to be on the water.  In the early morning hours try using a streamer along the slack water and bank areas.  The streamer of choice is a slumpbuster (6-10).

Clearfield County

Curwensville Lake – Anglers are catching Yellow Perch using red worms near the shore.  During Grandparents weekend, many young anglers caught their first fish at the PFBC Family Fishing program as part of the Clearfield Conservation Day with the Clearfield Conservation District!

Clinton County

Fishing Creek – The water is currently low and clear.  Anglers are catching trout in the deep pool areas up in the “narrows”.  You need to sneak up on each “targeted” pool, make long casts and use light weight gear for the shallow areas.  If you are targeting the deeper pools, put some weight on your line to get the flies to the bottom where the trout are holding tight.

The cool nights are keeping water temperatures stable in the upper 50s to lower 60s.

Nymphing and dry-dropper rigs are working best in the early to late evening hours.  Patters that are working best are: tan elk hair caddis; CDC caddis; caddis larva; bead head pheasant tails.

Anglers have seen slate drakes, some caddis and midges coming off the water.  There has been little surface action.  Most of the takes have been sub-surface on nymphs.

Northumberland County

West Branch Susquehanna River – Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass using spinner baits.  Best time to fish is early morning and late afternoon/evening.  Target banks, points of grassy beds, and deeper pools with good habitat (e.g. logs/woody debris)

Tioga / Lycoming County

Pine Creek – 1.2” of rain feel in the last 4.5 days.  Water levels are good with water temperatures ranging from 58-64 F.  The cool nights have assisted in keeping water temperatures down.  That is great for fish and for fishing!

Anglers are catching trout using a variety of nymphs including, but not limited to beadhead pheasant tail, prince nymph, yellow emerger, copper john, golden micro stone, slate drake emerger. 

Early morning, late afternoon and evening are the best times to be on the water and catching fish!

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