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Map highlighting counties in the Northcentral RegionREGION COUNTIES -- Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Union (County Guide)

Reports compiled by Amidea Daniel (, Northcentral Regional Education Specialist, using information provided by Waterways Conservation Officers, Area Fisheries Managers and other PFBC staff.

Fishing and Boating Report – June 24, 2015
Centre County

Spring Creek:Anglers are catching trout with green weenies. And, even with the recent heavy rains, Fisherman's Paradise is looking clear and anglers have been successful catching trout in early morning and early evening.

Tioga County

The bite has been tougher with variable weather moving through the area all week, but a number of really nice bass are being caught.

Cowanesque: Anglers are finding fish in the weeds and standing timber.  A variety of presentations are working including drop shot presentations with a green pumpkin or watermelon minnow imitation, crankbaits in shad and baitfish colors, and various texas rigged plastics.  Fish are being caught in many areas from 1-20 feet of water.  A few striped bass are being caught as well on crankbaits around the dam.

Dustin Wheatley with a 5.37 lb. Largemouth from Cowanesque

Hills Creek: growing weed beds and lily pads are holding lots of bass and the frog bite is on!  Various topwater frog and mouse imitations are working.  wacky or texas rigged worms in green pumpkin, motoroil, and pumpkinseed worked well in open patches in the weeds.

Pine Creek: Good numbers of trout are still being caught in upper Pine.  Rains this week helped bring water levels up some. The smallmouth bite is picking up too.  Live minnows, crayfish imitations, and spinners are all working.

Hamilton: Panfish are being caught in good numbers using nightcrawlers, redworms, and waxworms.  Fly fishermen are having fun using terrestrial imitations and small poppers.  Areas around the dam are fishing well.  A few trout are still being caught on dough baits fished off the bait or with gold and silver spinners.  Boaters caught them using small stickbaits and spinners as well.

Renee Kelly with a bluegill from Hamilton on a grasshopper fly

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Fishing and Boating Report – June 17, 2015
Centre County

Spring Creek: Beadhead walt’s worms are working right now, and, surprisingly, green weenies also appear to still be working for anglers this week.  Anglers have been catching trout in all stretches over the past week. Live bait has been working well, along with various dry fly patterns.

Fishing Creek: Smaller nymph patterns are still working throughout the day; but the streamers are working best during the early morning hours.

Pine Creek had variable conditions due to showers in the watershed over the past week.  Water was higher and off color with upstream showers, which slowed fishing, but extended favorable temperatures for trout.  Evening fishing with emergers and light cahill dries was good when water levels were near normal and temperatures were less than 68°F.  Use your thermometer!  For warmer temperatures, early morning fishing is advised. 

Slate and Cedar Run fished acceptably well with low and clear conditions.  Anglers observed a rattlesnake beside Slate Run, so walk carefully!

Sayers Lake: Anglers are catching some bass around the lake using rubber worms and spinners. Catfish have been reported with chicken liver and nightcrawlers in areas around the causeway. Panfish have also been reported using minnows and worms.

Boating activity was moderate at the lake over the past week. Weather conditions have affected the boating at the lake. All access areas are open, and boaters are reminded to pay attention to slow no wake areas. Additionally, heavy rains usually cause submerged debris in the upper areas of the lake; boaters should use caution when skiing or tubing in this area.

Spillway: Anglers have been catching perch, crappie, and bluegill in this area. Most anglers are using minnows under a bobber. Additionally, bow hunters have been successful with carp.

Black Moshannon Lake: Anglers have been catching Bluegills, Bass, and Pickerel in access areas around the lake. Spinners, twistertails, and live bait have been working best.

Boating pressure was moderate over the past week. Most of the boating activity has been unpowered kayaks and canoes.

Bald Eagle Creek: Anglers have been doing well for trout in the lower Bald Eagle Creek from Milesburg downstream. Flies, nightcrawlers, and minnows seem to be working best.

Moderate kayak and canoe pressure has been observed during the past week.

The Great Outdoor Picnic, to benefit the Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation and Pennsylvania’s Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, will be held this Saturday, June 20, 2015, from 11AM-5PM, at Penn’s Cave and Wildlife Park.  PFBC staff will be on-hand.  For more information, call 814-238-8138.

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Fishing and Boating Report – June 10, 2015
Clinton / W.Lycoming Counties

Anglers are reporting success on Little Pine Lake for trout. Minnows and yellow powerbait are favorite bait.

Anglers were also catching trout with small redworms, with a small splitshot located about 6 inches above the worm, at Lower Fishing Creek.  Small nymphs were successful there, too.

Meanwhile, at Upper Fishing Creek, with just a few green drakes remaining, anglers appear to be catching trout with green drake dry flies and a variety of nymph patterns.

Sulphur spinners, Green Drake Spinners, and Slate Drakes were on the water last evening.  Anglers caught trout using dry fly patterns imitating sulphur spinners and green drake spinners.  Best time to be on the water was late evening to dark.

Tioga County

Hills Creek Lake Trap Net Survey-Electrofishing Survey 2015 has been released. Area 4 biologists conducted a general inventory of Hills Creek Lake, Hills Creek State Park, in the spring of 2015. The sampling consisted of nine trap nets fished from May 12 through May 15 and six night electrofishing sites on the evening of May 19. Night electrofishing targeted Largemouth Bass while the trap nets targeted all other species.  For results, please visit our website:

Centre County

The Northcentral Region held its annual Family Fishing Festival at Bald Eagle State Park on Saturday, June 6, 2015.  There were 82 participants at the event. Several volunteers from the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Lloyd Wilson Chapter of Trout Unlimited were on hand, along with DCNR staff, to assist PFBC staff with the program.  A two-hour educational component was followed by two hours of fishing at Foster Joseph Sayers Lake.  A great time was had by all!

SC Regional Education Specialist Adam Spangler led the Knots, Rigging, and Equipment Station, along with DCNR Ranger Chris Sarbo, who talked about the different types of fish that could be found in the lake, and what types of bait could be used.

All About Fish Station
SW Regional Education Specialist Mandy Smith led the All About Fish Station, while Ben Page and Mike Swartz brought materials to build porcupine structures at the Habitat Improvement Project Station.

Casting Station
NC Regional Education Specialist Amidea Daniel led the Casting Station, along with WCO Greg Kraynak and WCO Anthony Beers, who discussed Rules and Regulations.

Nick Baptista was one of several youth who caught their First Fish at the NC FFF.  Congratulations, Nick, on your bluegill!

Samantha Steinback, triumphantly displays her First Fish, a bluegill, which she caught at the NC FFF after several near misses. This one didn’t get away! Way to go, Samantha!

Spring Creek: Sulphurs are tapering off. Anglers are catching trout using a variety of nymphs, such as Walt’s worms, green weenies, zebra nymphs, and scuds.

June is National Great Outdoors Month, and National Fishing and Boating Week is celebrated from June 6-June 14, 2015. TakeMeFishing's National Fishing & Boating Week celebrates the importance of recreational boating and fishing in enhancing people's quality of life and preserving our country's natural beauty.  For more information, visit

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